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Read: John 15:1-11

When we are abiding in Christ, He gives us His dreams and desires for us. He goes far beyond what we can see and orchestrates everything for His glory. This can often be challenging to us because we can only see our current circumstances. This is why we must abide by and have the mind of Christ. Setting our eyes on Him and not the world around us. Knowing that any pride that could come up is like cancer to the heart. What I have learned to be true is, that God often gives us dreams so much bigger than what we in our human hands and finite minds could deem possible, bringing us to the point of knowing that we could ever do on our own.


A= always

B= being

I = in

D= dependency

E = everyday


He kindly does this to keep us dependent on Him and bring us deeper in abiding. Therefore, where God calls He provides. He is never going to leave us in lack. If we feel lack we must check our hearts and go back to remembering who He is. Setting our mind on the truth.

Those who dream the most hope the most, The Lord wants to use us as His vessels in mighty ways. He has placed dreams and desires deep within the DNA of your being. That only through Abiding in Him, will come to fruition in His way and His timing. When our hearts are set on abiding our thoughts don’t get stuck on the details of the dream but on the one who has given us the dream.

The beauty of abiding in Christ is that all of hell could be against you and as long as God has said it, it will happen. We mustn't rely on our minds, will, and emotions to create or implement our dreams. It is through the death to self that we can have hope that goes far beyond what we can see. Because our hope isn’t in ourselves but in the finished work on the cross. Keeping our eyes attuned to the Father and in oneness with Him. We move as He moves, not faster or slower than He does. He is guiding us, He sets the rhythm. We must follow in step with Him. So dance in the freedom Christ offers that with Him all things are possible.

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